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Monday, December 22nd, 2003

Posted by:eighteenxx.
Time:6:13 pm.
Mood: anxious.
Well, I figured I would do some promoting of my own. Dorsia...they are from Flordia and they are awesome. Some of you already know them, but these are two new song here so you haven't heard them. And others haven't heard of them so check em out and enjoy the good sounds of Dorsia.
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Friday, December 19th, 2003

Posted by:autumntoafi.
Time:3:18 pm.
hey yeah, well im going to promote...

i warn you, the lyrics aren't the best, but the rest is great. They've added members and changed the lineup a little since the recorded mp3's, so they're a lot more technical. They logged 15 hours of recording last month and they have quite a few shows booked here (Minnesota) They'll also be in Chicago on January 16th. So yeah, feedback is cool..
thanks guys <333
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Subject:Band to check out
Posted by:dramacomic.
Time:3:56 pm.
Hey I'm one of John's random journal friends and I like all kinds of music, but I've been listening to this band Arch Enemy recently and I think you guys in the community would like them if you don't know them already. I think they're known internationally but not as much in the US. They have 2 really incredible guitarists who are brothers, some of the best drumming I've ever heard, and a female lead who puts makes Kittie and Otep sound like Britney. I mean, this woman can GROWL. I guess the only downside is the lyrics - I mean they're decent and all, but sometimes they're just kind of dark for the sake of being dark and don't really mean much.

But they're really cool, nonetheless, so check them out. Arch Enemy. www.archenemy.net
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Monday, December 15th, 2003

Posted by:autumntoafi.
Time:7:44 pm.
Mood: sleepy.
i just bought Curl Up and Die's "we may be through with the past"
i assume its new, and its fucking good.
so get it.
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Subject:This should be very interesting...
Posted by:eighteenxx.
Time:11:26 am.
Mood: tired.
The highly anticipated Guns N' Roses tribute album, "Bring You To Your Knees: A Tribute To Guns N Roses", has been penciled in for a March 09th release date through Law Of Inertia. The album is expected to feature the following tentative track listing:
01 - Most Precious Blood - "Sweet Child O' Mine"
02 - Dillinger Escape Plan - "My Michelle"
03 - Time In Malta - "November Rain"
04 - Haste - "You're Crazy"
05 - God Forbid - "Out Ta Get Me"
06 - Vaux - "14 Years"
07 - Every Time I Die - "Used To Love Her"
08 - Unearth - "It's So Easy"
09 - Death By Stereo - "Anything Goes"
10 - The Beautiful Mistake - "Estranged"
11 - Break The Silence - "Night Train"
12 - Zombie Apocalypse - "Welcome To the Jungle"
13 - Eighteen Visions - "Paradise City"
14 - Bleeding Through - "Rocket Queen"
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Friday, December 12th, 2003

Posted by:bloodbrothers.
Time:9:24 pm.
John fest will support no emo band period.

where is this show at again?
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Saturday, December 13th, 2003

Subject:There!! Happy!!!
Posted by:shen_panda.
Time:12:09 am.
Mood: amused.
Here, I'm posting.


So, yeah, JohnFest, WHOOO!!!!!!

You should get an emo band to play. ^_^
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Friday, December 12th, 2003

Posted by:eighteenxx.
Time:11:31 pm.
Mood: amused.
I'm glad to see you guys join, rock on. Here is some news on the boys in Killswitch Engage...

Killswitch Engage will now be entering the studio December 13th to begin recording their upcoming new album, here's the latest according to band bassist Mike D'Antonio:
"(Killswitch Engage) begins recording on our 3rd LP (2nd for RR) on December 13th. We expect to record 12-14 songs with our pal and band mate Adam D. The yet untitled, new LP should be finished late January and mixed by Mr. Andy Sneap in jolly olde England come mid-February. Although we were rushing to have this baby out by April, with record preparation, advertising and all the other crap, it is looking more like a May release. As far as the music for the new record goes...over all, the songs are a bit longer, MORE metal than AOJB, and the choruses feel more epic in proportion. Not to mention, we have 2 new players on this record (Howard Jones - Vocals and Justin Foley - Drums) who are used to dishing out the brutality (BHBS). All in all, this one is shaping up to be a monster. Stay tuned for more updates from the studio soon."
At present, the album is tentatively eyeing an April 13th release date through Roadrunner/Island/De Jam.
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Subject:Since John Won't Post To His Own Bloody Community I'll Beat Him To It...
Posted by:suicide_sushi.
Time:2:19 pm.
Mood: mischievous.
A community for everything... Neato... Keep up the good work.

I'm #1.

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LiveJournal for john_fest.

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You're looking at the latest 9 entries.